9-12 Counseling Department


My personal philosophy reflects my firm belief that all students matter and all students can learn.  It is also my my responsibility to provide guidance and to be an advocate for all students to ensure their academic, career, and personal/social success, in addition to overcoming challenges that may interfere with learning.  It is my determination that I will aid students into becoming high achievers, successful learners, responsible citizens, and productive members of society.

New Student Registration Information:

Registrar:  Connie Schultz


(989) 831-2101

What to bring with you when registering your new student:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Up to date Immunizations
  • Proof of Residency
  • Transcript
  • Special Education Documents - IEP/504

Please feel to contact me at:


(989) 831-2116

Mrs Staten

Graduation Requirements

In order to receive a CMHS diploma, students must meet the requirements outlined in the Graduation Progress Credit Sheet (and Michigan Merit Curriculum) and must have earned 21 credits.

Graduation Progress Credit Sheet

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