Hornets from Home Virtual Program


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For K-5 parents and students who are unable to access their courses, check out this help video. Video Documenthttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5T-h8Q5Ai0

External LinkAdditional troubleshooting tips


At Central-Montcalm, we believe that face-to-face teaching and learning is the best option for students when it comes to building relationships, providing rigorous academics and supporting student’s social/emotional needs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize that families need a choice so students can receive a full education while staying home for their own health and/or the health of those around them with compromised immune systems or underlying health conditions. 

During the 2020-2021 school year, Central Montcalm Public Schools will be offering a 100% online option for Kindergarten through 12th grade students called Hornets from Home. This option is different from the distance learning that all students received during the mandatory school closure during spring 2020. Students will be able to complete their entire grade-level curriculum remotely without having to come on campus. These student-centered courses taught by highly qualified teachers are designed and delivered to provide quality collaborative learning where student interaction and input are valued. To help students and parents stay connected to the Central Montcalm Public Schools community, each child will be provided with a CMPS mentor. Qualities of Hornets from Home students and parents include self-motivation, a good grasp of technology, time-management skills, and personal commitment.

Hornets from Home will follow the CMPS district calendar. Chromebooks will be provided to the student at no cost. Students will still be a part of their grade-level building and will receive all communications.

Students enrolled in “Hornets from Home” will earn the appropriate credits for a Central Montcalm Public School diploma upon successful completion of the required 21 credits. 

NOTE: Your child must be currently enrolled at CMPS and all forms must be updated in order to be placed in the Hornets from Home program. Please go to the district FinalForms page for more information.

For questions, please contact hornetsfromhome@central-montcalm.org

General Program Information

PDF DocumentHornets from Home Welcome Letter

PDF DocumentHornets from Home Handbook

Chromebook Support

If your child's computer indicates a Proxy Error, please complete thisGoogle Forms form

Remember, a student must use their school email and password to login into their Chromebook.

Any other technology issues, please email hornetsfromhome@central-montcalm.org, Subject: Tech Request

SPECIAL NOTE: Students will NOT be penalized if they were not able to login due to the delay with email logins and passwords and Edgenuity issues.

Area Internet Locations

The following locations have been made available for families to connect to the internet. Special thanks to Casair, Inc and our local businesses listed below for their support.

  • Central Montcalm Learning Center (formerly Stanton Elementary) 710 N State St, Stanton MI 48888
  • Harold O. Steele Education Center, 10260 South Sheridan Rd, Fenwick, MI
  • Mid Michigan Snow and Landscape Products 4604 W Stanton Rd, Stanton, MI 48888
  • Rainbow Gardens Roller Rink, 600 N Shore Dr, Crystal, MI 48818
  • White Pine District Library, 106 E Walnut St, Stanton, MI 48888
  • For more internet hotspots near you click here

Edgenuity Webpage and Documents

External LinkEdgenuity Virtual Program

PDF DocumentK-5 Edgenuity Course Catalog*

PDF Document6-12 Edgenuity Course Catalog*

K-5 Student and Family Edgenuity Information


6-12 Edgenuity Student and Family Information

Edgenuity Student Login Page External Linkhttps://auth.edgenuity.com/Login/Login/Student  Your username and password will be sent to your school email. Please begin checking your email for this login on Monday, August 17, 2020.


If you need help with Edgenuity, please check their support center at 

External Linkhttps://help.edgenuitycourseware.com/

*Only courses provided by CMPS will be assigned unless there no related course provided by Edgenuity. 


Q1. Will my child receive a computer?

A1. Yes, your child will receive a Chromebook if all enrollment forms are completed in FinalForms at External Link centralmontcalm-mi.finalforms.com 

Q2 How will content be delivered?

A2. Students will login into a program called Edgenuity. Students will be assigned courses that match or are similar to courses that they would receive if they were in the physical classroom. The student must have a computer or iPad (IOS 13.3 or higher) and connection to the internet. K-5 students will also be provided a workbook. We will notify families to pick these up once the books have arrived.

Q3 How many hours a day will be child be expected to work?

A3 Edgenuity recommends 45 minutes per course or 5-8 hours per day. Students can work on their courses at any time throughout the day.

Q4 Can my child take classes virtually and in-person?

A4 If a course is not available through Edgenuity such as band, then the student may attend that class in-person

Q5. When can my student enter or exit the Hornets from Home Program

A5 Students may enter or exit at the semester

Q6. Can my student still participate in extra-curricular activities/sports?

A6 Yes

Q7. If my child has an IEP or 504, will they still receive the supports they need?

A7. Yes. We will work with you to meet your child's IEP and 504 goals and requirements. This may require that they attend class in person or login into a Zoom or Google Meet at a particular time during the day to meet with their CMPS teacher or other personnel.

Q8. Will my child have support from Central Montcalm?

A8 Yes. Your child will be assigned a mentor from Central Montcalm. Your child will be required to communicate with that mentor once per week. In the case of younger children, the parent will be required to communicate with the mentor once per week.

Q9. Are there any other requirements we should know about?

A9. Your child will be required to have an up-to-date Educational Development Plan (EDP) and parents will have to sign a Virtual Learning Parent Permission form. A CMPS staff member will help your child complete the EDP and the Virtual Learning Parent Permission form will be emailed or made available when Chromebooks are being distributed.

Q10. How does my student login into their Chromebook

A10. Your student should login with their email address and password.

Q11. How do my students login into Edgenuity?

A11. They will receive a username and password specifically for Edgenuity.