Food Services

District Food Service Meal Policies

Central Montcalm Public School Food Service Department 

The very heart of what we do each day is Service. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve your family school meals. We strive to serve delicious, well balanced meals in a safe, cheerful and caring environment.

Collection of Money

All money collected from elementary students for meals should be in envelopes with the student’s first and last name. This will ensure that the funds are properly deposited. We highly recommend that deposits be made prior to lunchtime. Money that is collected during the lunch period delays serving our students. Or go to and make deposits even simpler.

Charging of Meals

At the elementary schools, students will be allowed to charge up to 3 (three) meals. Students at the Middle/High school level will be allowed to charge 1 (one) meal. There will be no charging for any ala carte sales (extra milk, sandwich, etc). for the higher grades. Charging of hot lunches beyond this may be allowed under special circumstances if arrangements have been made with the Food Service Director prior to meal service. Under no circumstances will a child be forced to go hungry for the day. Notices will be sent home with students when funds are low. 

Using Another Student’s Account

As a rule, students will not be allowed to eat off another student’s account unless there is consent by the parent. Each person has their own account. A meal card with the student’s name and ID number is provided at the elementary buildings.

Transferring Money between Accounts (Family Member)

Each building maintains their own deposits. Please indicate on the envelope each child’s name, and the amount to be deposited in his/her account. A family deposit can be made at any building provided there is a student in that building. Please indicate the amount for each child. A parent must request that funds be transferred between children.

Student Account Printouts

Students or parents may obtain a printout of any date showing what they ate and payments or deductions to their account on a specific date. The cashier will need some advance notice for this service. Meal history and on-line deposits can be checked at

Refund Requests

Refunds will only be made if a student is leaving our school system. Requests need to be in writing and will be honored in a timely manner.

Payment of Charges When Dropping

When a student is leaving our school system, he or she will be responsible for checking with the cashier on the status of their lunch account. If there is any unpaid charges, the cashier will provide a meal history showing the negative balance. The amount must be paid before the student is dropped.

Protect Your Student ID

Students are highly encouraged to use their student ID cards or the meal card that is provided. The card validates the student’s account and makes the process of going through the lunch line much faster. Pin numbers are used at the higher grade levels. We recommend that the student have the cashier verify their name on the screen before the sale is completed. This will ensure the accuracy of the pin number entered.

Low Balance Letters/emails

Low balance notes are sent out by each building. Notices for students with a low balance will be turned into the office to be distributed by them. In cases where a child has a negative balance for a specified length of time, a phone call will be placed to the parent by food service. Be involved with your student and think ahead when planning on which days he or she will eat and forward the appropriate funds. This will be less stressful for them.